Who we are

Hi we are Hayley & Dave, two computer geeks who love all things caravan, camping and travel.  We have been traveling Australia since 2011 when our Honeymoon took us all around Australia in a little Coromal Caravan.  Since then we have had 2 amazing children and many more full time trips around the country.  Our gear and style has evolved as our family needs have changed, but one thing has stayed the same, we love touring and seeing everything Australia has to offer.

Our History

Gear Evolution

2006 -2011 - Tents & a Ford Laser

In the beginning we had various tents and packed everything into the back of a small Ford Laser.  We had great local trips around the QLD/NSW border.

2011 - A Coromal Caravan & Pajero 4x4

Our first trip around Australia was with our trusty Pajero that didn’t miss a beat the whole way round, only needing an aircon re-gas, but no mechanical issues, not even a flat tire!

Our caravan was a 17ft Coromal Seka, no aircon or ensuite, but we made do with a popup tent, portapotty and 12volt shower pump in a bucket.

This setup took us everywhere we wanted to go on our first lap of Australia for 4 months.

2012 Camper Trailer & the Pajero 4x4

We sold the van once our lap was over and went back to camping, but with a baby!  We bought a cheap camper trailer that had water tanks, sink and bed, but after a few trips we decided it wasn’t suited to us.

2012 - 2014 Family tent & the Pajero 4x4

We returned to tent camping and had a great 2 room family tent, and our trusty Pajero still going strong.

2015 - Coromal Family Bunk Van & Ford Territory AWD

With the arrival of our second child and wanting to do more full time travel, we bought a 2013 Coromal 696 Bunk van with all the luxuries; separate toilet and shower, washing machine, bunks, air-conditioning and full annex. We didn’t know what we had been missing, a true home on wheels, all for under 2700kg ATM.    We had a AWD Ford Territory Turbo Diesel Titanium as our tow vehicle.   We travelled for 9 months with this setup.

2019 - 2020 Jayco Poptop Camper & Pajero

With both our Kids now at school and only having weekends for getting away, we bought a Jayco Hawk poptop for quick afterschool setups.  It was an excellent camper for weekends and even a 2 1/2 month tour of QLD.  It had a hot water system, full oven, solar and compressor fridge.  Another bonus was it fit in our garage.

2020 + Leader Gold Family Bunk Van 21.6 ft & Toyota Landcruiser Sahara

We are now the happy owners of a stunning Leader Gold semi-offroad caravan made by Supreme.  It’s such a well thought out and high quality van, all the comforts of home and more, I honestly prefer living in this van to a house! 

Our awesome tow vehicle is a 2004 Toyota Landcruiser Sahara V6, this car is a beast, we were so fortunate to find it, having only 1 original owner and immaculate service history.   The Sahara is considered the “luxury” version of the 100 Series Land Cruisers, it has all leather interior, electric mirrors and seats, sunroof, cooler fridge in the centre console (best idea ever for driving snacks!) and it very comfortable to ride in.

This setup took us all around Queensland, from the outback to the reef, to the Daintree Rainforest, the cruiser and van didn’t miss a beat, a great combo that was solid and reliable.  We’ll be keeping this setup for our 2022 big lap.  We’ve done a bunch of upgrades on the car, pretty much every part has been serviced and/or replaced to make it as safe and reliable as possible.  The big changes were upgrading the old suspension to new heavy duty suspension, replacing the old airbag suspension with new, new brake rotors, new tires, and window tint.