Baby / Toddler Van Tips

Baby / Toddler Van Tips

Baby / Toddler Van Tips

We are only a week into our trip but I’ll share what I have learned so far when it comes to travelling with tiny humans.

? Sleep –
Having a safe space for the baby that is setup all the time has been amazing, I don’t have to worry about her falling out or getting stuck on something. Our enclosure was made by Kakadu Awnings in Currumbin on the Gold Coast, but any awning company should be able to make one to size, it only has a zip on the outside so she can’t open it, and it is secured to the bunk above and below with screws. Also make sure your curtains are baby safe (no dangling cords) and if you have flimsy fly screens like ours, keep the window locked closed so bubba wont lean on it and fall through. Extra tip, pin a cover to the outside to make it darker, we had little miss playing ‘peek a boo’ instead of napping. Our 2 year old is on the bottom bunk and can get out and in as he likes, so lock the front door in the night.

? Meals –
If you have a cafe style seating, baby cot sheets fit perfectly as a cover. They keep scuffs and dust off and are easy to wash.

? Chairs –
We also use Chicco Pocket Snack Booster chairs, they have removable trays, they fold flat and we can take them to restaurants as they attach to any chair.

? Food Prep –
I usually add hidden vegetables to the kids meals they share with us, I have found it quicker to grate up a bunch of carrot, zucchini, capcicum, pumpkin and freeze it in batches so I just grab a chunk and add it to the meal on the go.

? Heating bottles –
My baby still enjoys a warm bottle and I brought my small steam bottle warmer for when we are on powered sites, it’s quick and silent for a middle of the night feed. If we are unpowered I use a small saucepan to warm water and place it in there.

? Baths –
We have a separate shower in our van and a plug gives us a shallow bath that both kids sit and play in. We also have a collapsable bath or blow up kiddy pool we use outside. Hot tip, lock your van door during dressing the baby… our toddler escaped & made it about 6 van sites in the nude before we caught him, so funny!

I’m sure I’ll think of more as we go along!


Baby / Toddler Van Tips

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