Barra Crab – Clairview – QLD

Barra Crab - Clairview - QLD

Barra Crab – Clairview – QLD

Warning honest review ahead 😉 This place was interesting, I could see it being awesome when not school holidays & a weekend, it was pretty noisy until late into the night with music. Witnessing rough people yelling at their kids constantly was hard to deal with and there was a hot-rod meet up taking drives around the park at 5am.

The live music was great (if it stopped at 11 like advertised) but it went to well after midnight and we couldn’t block it out in our little camper. The bathrooms decended into a spew-fest that night and we avoided until the poor staff had cleaned them.

The little kids playground was good, having the kids playing nearby was great. I wouldn’t stay in the powered section again though, I miss sleep! The sunrise was magic, and we had heaps of fun on the sand/playing with the rocks.

There are unpowered waterfront sites available, we took a walk over there to check it out, most good, it will just be hit and miss with setting up next to a 24/7 generator or not. You can walk down to the river/creek mouth for a look, but there was broken glass through the sand so wear water shoes, we collected what we could find. So I don’t know how to rate this place, a bit 50/50 on if we would stay again, depends on the crowd there with you at the time. We are pretty chill and forgiving of places but, it was a bit next level here for us.

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Barra Crab – Clairview – QLD

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