Beechworth – VIC

Beechworth - VIC

Beechworth – VIC

We stayed at the Beechworth Holiday Park.

Well what a wonderful surprise this little historic town is, we LOVED Beechworth. Beechworth is North East Victoria’s best preserved gold rush town with its carefully restored colonial buildings and historic precinct. Its 19th century streets showcase an eclectic mix of galleries, collectables, handcrafts, old pubs, cafes, restaurants and not to be missed is the traditional lolly shop – The beechworth Sweet Co.

As soon as we arrived, the kids spotted the rocks and ran to GET THE DIGGER! We were able to have a fire pit on our site (surrounded by the firewood ring of safety ha)

There were huge piles of leaves the kids played in and there was the coolest “leaf eating machine” that did the rounds of the park sucking them up.

A highlight was the bakery with a play area, aka baby cage so we could enjoy our treats in peace…now we’re talking!

We headed out to the gorge to explore that area and it was really great, we even saw a wild fox!

The historic precinct in town is an easy wander, there’s restored buildings and a gaol where Ned Kelly spent some of his sentence.

Enjoying lunch in a pub with an open fire place was such a treat, the kiddos behaved with mr H using cuttlery and little K enjoying her wooden highchair, we had “very well behaved kids” complements. I’ll take it, it’s not always the case!

We’re definitely coming back to Beechworth, really enjoyed this area.

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Beechworth – VIC

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