Create a digital affiliate income while traveling Australia


Create a digital affiliate income while traveling Australia

As far as online businesses go, Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest to setup.  You can promote/recommend other peoples products and get a commission if someone buys. 

We do affilaite marketing

It’s something we do on this website, we write reviews on products we like and get a commission if someone clicks our link and continues to buy. It costs them nothing extra, and everything is handled by the online shop, we never see the customer or product .

What you can promote is endless!

Some types of products give better commissions than others, some even pay you monthly!

So how do you build a business like this for yourself?

Firstly, it’s not an overnight success type business, you will need to spend time building up a social media following & a simple website, something that is best started before your trip, but can be done any time.

I have seen people start making commissions within weeks, so anything is possible with the right instructions and mindset!

We also worked in website design to pay our way around the country, but the potential of Affiliate Marketing is something we are building for future travel.

I took an affordable, step by step course to learn affiliate marketing, it’s an Australian course, run by a travelling couple named Jade & Kev. 

They have learnt a thing or two about what a time freedom business really takes in their 4+ years in the space, and they are now sharing some of that gold by releasing a free masterclass!

What will you learn in the Masterclass?

How does this course compare to others on the market?

The first thing that stands out is the calm way in which the content is delivered, there’s no hype, just clear steps.

There’s 44 lessons included in the base course, covering everything from Mindset around business & money, building a personal brand, selecting the right product, setting up your systems, making a simple website, using social media to get eyeballs on your offer, and once you have a proven sales process, add on paid ads to really kick things up a notch.

This course is for anyone who is new to affiliate marketing or has been trying unsuccessfully to make money online, they start at the beginning and take you all the way through to launching your own business.

A pleasant surprise is the low cost for all this! As I like being as transparent as possible, it’s less than $100 USD, which blows my mind! Courses like this are usually thousands. So it’s a really accessible education and business investment.

If you’re ready to watch the masterclass to learn more about this type of online business, click the button below and judge for yourself if this approach to online affiliate marketing is for you.

Create a digital affiliate income while traveling Australia