Duaringa QLD – Our second free stopover

Duaringa QLD - Our second free stopover

Duaringa QLD – Our second free stopover

Free stopover on the A4 on the way inland from Rocky to Emerald. Great spot, lots of others around. Plenty of places to setup. Wow this place is awesome. Great grounds and so many other campers. All free. Sitting back with a beer, twisties and the laptop catching up on emails.

BP station a few hundred meters down the road
Nice free grounds
Dump spot
Free hot showers

Saw our first roo’s on the side of the road (alive, jumping ones)
Clear day so we left the fridge on 12v and the solar panels did a great job keeping our stuff cold on the drive (a bit too cold!)
Great drive, roads a bit more bumpy.

Stopped at Biloela for lunch. The grounds at the old heritage park historical Silo (and the info centre) are great stop. Electric BBQ’s and new undercover table/chair areas. West of town you can see it from the main road. Biloela is a big place – looks great to stay over or stop into. Few takeaway places and bigger shops.

Had a nice hour long lunch break, made salad sammiches out on the grass and boiled a kettle for a cuppa tea. Even got out the laptop to answer some work emails.
Hayley had her first drive towing the van, did great! Even with a semi trailer overtaking her.

We started to get a bit worried when our tank was under 1/4 full and we were still 70k’s from a petrol station. Made it fine though, tank on empty but no emergency light on yet. Ended up doing about 430k’s on the full tank (our first real test on tank capacity) so now we know many k’s to plan between fill ups.

Settled in at the free stopover in Duaringa (MacKenzie Park). About 20 other vans/busses dotted through the grounds. Few fires going here and there. Great spot highly recommended. Couple of free showers too – at a “free” standard but can’t complain.

Duaringa QLD – Our second free stopover

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