Gear Shop – for your caravan & camping

Gear we use and recommend

There are so many great camping products out there to make your big lap of Australia easier.  Here is a list of travel equipment that we think is awesome and recommend.  I’ve included reviews and links to online shops for the camp gear we have had for years and are still using.


Camps Aust. Wide 11

Low cost & free camps

Caravan Parks 5

Tourist Park Guide

Community Cookbook

By Camps Australia Wide

Track your trip

Map of Australia Sticker

Trace along the roads

Hema Maps Large Folded

Map of Australia

Caravan & Camper Log Book

Track your trip & fuel

Camp Products

Pegless Clothesline

Portable Clothesline

Hammock with net

Portable & lightweight

UHF Radio

Driving & Kids Walkie-talkie

Navigator Gear

Accessories for Caravanning or Camping

Collapsible Space Savers

Cooking & Storage

Insect Protection

Nets, Repellent & Gadgets

Marshmallow Sticks

Extendable Skewers

Whistling Kettle

For gas stoves

Folding Table

Height Adjustable

OZtrail Privacy Ensuite

Budget Shower/Toilet Tent

Sphere Washing Machine

Mini Automatic 3.3kg

Travel Cups

Keep your drinks hot or cold and no spills!


DJI Mavic Air 2

Photo & Video Drone

GoPro Hero9

Waterproof camera

For Kids

Travel Journal

Keep record of their travels.

Adventurer's Binoculars

4 x 30 Magnification

Car Seat Organiser

Buckles to the back of the seat

Hiking Child Carrier

6 months - 4 years

Junior Card Holder

3 Colours Available

Kids Games & Accessories

Useful kid friendly travel

Home / Road Schooling Supplies

Travel Journal

Keep record of their travels.

Targeting Maths

For grades Prep - year 6

Targeting Spelling

For grades 1 - 6

Targeting English

Lower, Middle & Upper Primary

Targeting STEM

For grades 3 - 6

Targeting HASS

For grades 3 - 6

HP Printer

Small & light printer/scanner

HP Colour Ink

Replacement Ink

HP Black Ink

Replacement Ink

Plastic C-clip chain

For patterns, counting, measuring

Base 10 MAB Blocks

Light Foam Design

Whiteboard & Marker set

Save paper when working out


Merell Moab 2

Hiking Boots

Cooling Towel

Stay cooler for longer

First Aid Kit

Backpack Friendly Size

Online Shops I trust and use:

These online camping, caravan and lifestyle shops are quality businesses and offer some of the best products available in Australia.  If you are looking for a new camp product, check if any of these guys stock it in their shops.