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Camp Cook Book

Community Cookbook

Turn the chore of deciding what to cook into wonderful memory-making moments with the Camps Community Cookbook. Filled with over 100 tried and true delicious recipes contributed by the Camps community!

We’ve embraced the ethos of camp cooking – some travellers are on the road for months on end and travel with creature comforts. Microwaves, stovetops, ovens and grills could all be on board – and some with an outdoor kitchen to boot!

Others go for a weekend, and camping means basic ingredients only, and basic cooking. Maybe with a BBQ plate and an old fashioned jaffle iron thrown in. And sticks for marshmallows, of course!

More and more, we’re finding foodies showing off their outdoor cooking, experimenting with their recipes and in love with their Weber, Bushpig and camp oven.

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Community Cookbook

By Camps Australia Wide

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