Travel Drinks

Travel safe cups and drinks

Do not underestimate the amount of spilt drinks that happen in your caravan!

Spills happen, whether its just children being careless or an adults getting tipsy at happy hour, I cannot tell you the amount of drama we had cleaning up spilt milk in a hot caravan without a washing machine, seriously!

My recommendation is travel cups WITH lids for everyone.  They are indestructible and save $$ at the laundromat! 

They keep your drinks cool while the kids splash you in the pool and the drinks hot on a cold morning around the fire. 100% recommend you get yourself a set!

Our friends over at Adventure Awaits have a great range

Alcoholder TANKD

Insulated Mug with Handle - 475ml

Alcoholder STAX

Stackable Tumbler 475mls

Alcoholder 5 O'Clock

Stainless Steel Tumbler 590ml

Alcoholder Stemless

Insulated Tumbler 355ml

Alcoholder Stemless

Insulated Tumbler 355ml

Alcoholder SKNY Slim

Insulated Tumbler 590ml


Coffee Cup - Mega 475ml

Van Go Stainless Steel

Water Bottle | 500ml

Snap on Can Cap

Don't like drinking flies? Me either!

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