UHF Radio Walkie-Talkies

Keep track of the kids & Informed while driving

Handheld UHF Radio

UHF radios are an essential part of our travels, they have so many uses and a important safety tool.

We use ours to radio trucks when it’s safe to over take us, we monitor traffic on channel 40 while driving, we use it when we have a difficult reversing site and need to communicate out of line-of-sight.

The best possible use though is for the kids to use them to radio their new friends in the camps that they are ready to play.  They ride around with their own radios and have awesome fun.  

The higher the Watts on the radio the further the signal goes, the 2 below are a close range for the kids (coloured) and higher range unit for bushwalking. Both are rechargeable. 


Uniden UH45

Triple Pack


Twin Pack

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