Gold Coast Holiday Park – QLD

Gold Coast Holiday Park - QLD

Gold Coast Holiday Park – QLD

Our first stop is our favourite caravan park, the Gold Coast Holiday Park!
Day one we thankfully had fine weather to get ourselves setup, kids and big kid Dave hit the water park. We rode bikes, jumped, chased the remote car, even had a fire. Big first day but so happy all this is open again to enjoy!

Well we had a massive rain event on day 2, inside the camper was dry but everything outside was soaked! We had an early birthday cake for Harlan so the grandparents could celebrate before we leave the coast. A beautiful roast dinner was a success in the camper oven.

Day 3 we had perfect weather and spent most of the time in the pool or at the jumping pillow. I’ve done my weeks school prep and we’re hitting the books tomorrow.

Day 4 & 5 saw us do our first camping school days, we got everything planned done with heaps of time to play the rest of the day with new friends in the campground. I had my first cocktail of the trip, the kids their 4th milkshake and Gramps & Philippa came to visit for the night. Everyone is sleeping well in the setup and we’re settling in to the space and routine.

Day 6 & 7 was cleaning up the house one last time and getting ready to go north. I can tell you after 5 hours cleaning a home, a fridge out, bathrooms, floors and washing, I won’t be missing the housework a full house requires! Looking forward to moving on tomorrow to a new park and fingers crossed for some sun! Thanks Gold Coast holiday park for a great first week!

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Gold Coast Holiday Park – QLD

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