Great Keppel Island – QLD

Great Keppel Island - QLD

Great Keppel Island – QLD

Great Keppel is located just off the coast of Yeppoon and is only a 40 minute ferry away, we chose the ferry versus a tour to keep costs down, plus we already had our own snorkel gear. We didn’t know what to expect coming to the island, it’s not a big commercial setup, just independent accommodation, a restaurant and hire shack.

On arrival we checked out the restaurant before heading right down the beach towards the end of Fishermans Bay. We snorkelled here for a while but there was not much to see, so we moved to the next bay over “Shelving Beach”. You walk up a dirt path hill then down to the beach over rocks to access some really great snorkelling. It can be a tricky climb down so they offer a ‘beach drop-off’ service from the hire shack, we’ll do that next time.

The highlight was swimming with a sea turtle, this was big on my bucket list and it was so amazing, just watching it eating coral and swimming along. So happy we got to swim with him.

After a few hours of snorkelling we walked back up the beach to the restaurant for lunch and cocktails! Keep an eye on the time as they stop cooking food around 2pm.

We loved our day on Great Keppel Island.

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Great Keppel Island – QLD

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