Home Schooling While Travelling

homeschooling for traveling families

So you’re getting ready for the big lap of Australia and you’re up to organizing the kids schooling. 

It can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right tools, road-schooling can be really enjoyable.

These are my favourite products that I have been using over the last 3 years of traveling with school aged children.  If you would like to read more about how to register and get setup for homeschooling in Australia, I have more on that here.

The Books

Getting the right workbooks for the year that cover the curriculum is really important, the Targeting series teaches the subjects in order and build onto the next skill.  The workbooks you get from Aldi or a supermarket are more for practice of known skills, or testing, these full curriculum books are better for learning new skills. Remember you are teaching things they’ve never done, not testing them. 

Travel Journal

Keep record of their travels.

Targeting Maths

For grades Prep - year 6

Targeting Spelling

For grades 1 - 6

Targeting English

Lower, Middle & Upper Primary

Targeting STEM

For grades 3 - 6

Targeting HASS

For grades 3 - 6

Learning Aids/Tools

The fun part of homeschooling, the learning toys! What you need depends on the age your teaching, but get the basics for time, money, and math units to start and build from there.  Kmart has a good selecting learning tools as well.

Plastic C-clip chain

For patterns, counting, measuring

Base 10 MAB Blocks

Light Foam Design

Whiteboard & Marker set

Save paper when working out

EasyRead Time Teacher

Easy to read clock dials

Australiana Alphabet Cards

Reusable whiteboard cards

Learning Puzzle Box

Multi-activity educational set

The equipment

This little ink printer has been bouncing around under the bed storage for over a year and it still works every time I need to get out. I recommend it for a lightweight small printer/scanner.

HP Printer

Small & light printer/scanner

HP Colour Ink

Replacement Ink

HP Black Ink

Replacement Ink

Free online tools

Once you start looking there are so many free resources out there for homeschooling, here are a few goodies we use:

The Paid online Resources

Some really good paid services we’ve used are:

  • Mathletics – Curriculum based online math activities that check your answers. 
  • Nessy – Learning phonics, reading and spelling games.
  • Reading Eggs – learn to read games