Homeschool / Road School – What’s our plan?

Homeschool / Road School - What's our plan?

Homeschool / Road School – What’s our plan?

How will I school my children while travelling? Is probably the biggest question and concern for parents of school aged kids wanting to travel Australia. And it was mine too, I’d travelled before, but never needed to teach at the same time!

Your options for school is limited by the state you come from, I am from QLD and we are fortunate that you are allowed to travel and be registered as a home schooler at the same time. NT, WA and NSW have stronger rules about that and usually require you to use distance education instead.

We are registered homeschoolers and I teach the kids. I wrote my own plan to get approved by the Home Education Department, then we used the Euka curriculum for the first 2 terms of home-schooling just to get me started. I was still learning about what needed to be taught and needed a guide! By term 3 I had my confidence and was able to plan my own curriculum for the kids around the places we were visiting, and set curriculum work books. I highly recommend the “targeing” book series by Pascal Press.

We do school 4-5 mornings a week for 2 hours a day. Each day we would do Maths, spelling & comprehension, reading and one other ongoing project. This was at the same time David did his work for the day. If it was a travelling day we focused on a math page or reading at a roadside stop.

I took some basic learning tools with us to help with teaching like MAB blocks, counters, playdough, play money and paper craft.

Once we were in a routine it was just normal and there was minimal complaining. We still took off school holidays and the first few days back at it can be challenging, but be consistent and the work just gets done. We kept flexible and adapted where needed. We had solid “end of the year” goals for each child and we just worked towards those.

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Homeschool / Road School – What’s our plan?

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