Making Money while Traveling Australia


Making Money while Traveling Australia

How to make money while touring Australia

It’s a big question that a lot of people ask, how can you afford to travel so long?
In this article I want to take you through some of your options.

Remote Working

If you’re lucky enough to be able to take your work with you, this is going to be your most reliable option. You can negotiate with your boss to work on the road while travelling.  Make sure you have a good internet solution to stay connected.

Work as you go

There are plenty of towns in need of workers, if you have a trade or a heavy vehicle licence you will be able to pick up work. Sometimes you can even negotiate cheaper accommodation while in town.  It’s best to organise this ahead of time before you arrive in an area so you know how long you’ll be working. 

These are some great places to look for temporary work:

Work from your Van

I’ve seen people run businesses from their vans in caravan parks, these work well for people with skills in need for people travelling:

  • Hair Dresses 
  • Massage Therapists/Physio
  • Mechanics
  • Van Repairs
  • Coffee Vans

These types of business work wherever people are, just check with the park you’re staying in, before popping your sign out, that it’s ok with management.


Online Business

I’m quite passionate about having an online business, it’s something I have always wanted for our family to have control over our time and where we can work from, and I’ve been involved in a few over the years.


Offer digital services for payment:

Things like website design, consulting, coaching, teaching (tutoring), freelance design, Virtual Assistant, Transcriber, UGC (user generated content).

These types of jobs you can charge for your time, you are given a task, and you get paid once complete. It’s pretty reliable work if you can arrange ongoing projects.


Affiliate Marketing/Blogging:

Affiliate marketing is advertising other peoples products and getting a commission. It’s a bigger topic than it sounds and there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it.  Essentially you are given a special link, and you promote it on a blog, social media & YouTube.

The key in being successful in Affiliate Marketing is having a high-value product to promote.  Selling products that only give you a $2 commission isn’t going to pay your way around Australia.  You need to look into high-ticket affiliate marketing for it to be worth it.

I go more into what is affiliate marketing and how to find what to promote in my free training here.



Creating a YouTube channel for your family is a great way to document your travels, it can be time consuming to edit your videos and getting good rankings in YouTube will take some research & learning.  

It’s a good idea to practice recording yourselves well before you leave, it’s a skill to talk fluently on camera.  The better you are at doing it all in one take, the less editing you will need to do.

How does YouTube pay?

  • Monitize: Once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours you can monitize your account and start getting paid for views on your videos.
  • Adsense – when ads are shown on your videos you will also earn money for those.
  • Affiliate links – in the description of your videos you can link to any products featured in your video (BBQ, chairs, GoPro, Drone, any gear) 
There’s some really great training courses on how to use video, YouTube and affiliate marking together, the one I recommend is Freedom Accelerator, you can checkout the free webinar here.
YouTube is awesome because it’s evergreen, your videos will be showing up in searches for years to come, so you go to the effort once, and the videos will keep paying.

If you own property, you will be able to rent out your home to cover some of your costs, at the very least cover your mortgage repayments, you can also look into having multiple investment properties or selling your current home to fund your trip.


Hopefully this gives you an idea of some of your options, I’ve always liked having a little business to work on while travelling, believe it or not you can get bored of relaxing!

I love having a side project to keep my busy mind active and to bring in some extra cash as well.

Send me an email if you have an idea and want some feedback, happy to chat.

Making Money while Traveling Australia

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