We are HOME! – The trip wrap up:

We are HOME! - The trip wrap up:

We are HOME! – The trip wrap up:

– Days away: 54
– Setups: 13
– Motels: 2
– Rainy days: 7
– Kms travelled: 4000 ish
– Pairs of shoes broken: 5
– Windscreen stone chips: 2
– Mechanical problems: 1
We had the trailer checked before the return trip with no issues found, but there’s a mystery noise we’ll be checking.

What an amazing trip, so much to see! The best part was watching the kids independence and confidence grow in making new friends, overcoming their fear of heights, trying new things and adapting to a travelling lifestyle so well. That’s the thing, travelling place to place isn’t the same as a holiday, it’s a different mentality, it’s just living in different locations. I found having routines for work, school as well as time for rest was really important for it being successful with the kids. We learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

We were very lucky to experience these places without mass tour groups coming though, the operators were thankful for people visiting and we got a lot more space to explore. It’s about the only positive to the covid situation.

Our favourite places were:
Dave: Cape Hillsbough & Crystal Creek
Hayley: Cobb and co campground, Cape Hillsborough & Cairns Aquarium
Harlan: Yepoon meeting his new friend Mack
Keira: Alkoomi farm going on a horse Trail ride.

What now?
A rest at home, then we are super keen to keep travelling QLD, covid situation pending. We would like to upgrade to a full van to allow for overnight stops and earlier packups for work days. The camper did amazing considering it’s only designed as a weekender. It goes to show just doing a trip with whatever you already have is still doable! QLD has so much to offer, we could easily spend a month in the north when we return.

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We are HOME! – The trip wrap up:

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