Wonarah Bore – Free Rest Area NT

Wonarah Bore - Free Rest Area NT

Wonarah Bore – Free Rest Area NT

We made it to the Northern Territory!

We left camooweal later than planned (working in the morning) oh well no rush, only a little drive today. Was good to get out of the constant wind pounding the side of the van.

Stopped in at the BP to refuel and grab some junk food

Dave decided to fix the stone chip in the window. Oh that went well! Almost finished and the glue exploded all over the window. haha. At least the chip is somewhat fixed. Now to get the glue off the window. Nailpolish remover?

Drive was good, a few spots were very very windy.
Parkers on the van are not working any more (that means no rear view camera) but parkers are working on the car. Signals on the van are fine, no power coming out of the car plug for parkers. All fuses are ok. CONFUSED!

Crossed the border! WOO. Took some fun photos.

Wonarah Bore is a few hundred meters off the road, not much here!
Amazing sunset, and Daves first time lapse nighttime star shot.

Wonarah Bore – Free Rest Area NT

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