Yamba – NSW

Yamba - NSW

Waterfront view at the Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort, thank you very much!

Hanging out in yamba, the wind was insane first afternoon but really nice on the second day.

Day 2 – A bit of everything today in Yamba, the weather’s been on & off so we went exploring one town over to see the old quarry and waves crashing into the rocks, had a go on the go cart, and played around the park and playgrounds. Monopoly junior has been a hit in the rainy weather, they love it. Better weather forecast for tomorrow.

Day 3 – Today we saw a dolphin at the blue dolphin! We hired a boat for a few hours cruising around, the kids both had a drive, Keira the rev head just floored it lol. They enjoyed being as loud as they wanted on the open water 🥳. Then some swimming and lunch and a family nap (had a few of these). The afternoon was spent watching the water in front of camp, having snacks and chasing crabs. A magic sunset this afternoon!

Thanks Yamba, you’ve been great! We’ll be back. Harlan’s fav part was the soldier crabs, Keira’s was the water park, Dave & Mine was watching the kids play from our camp. Waterfront sites are always risky with high winds but we had 2 really good days that made it worth it.

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Yamba – NSW

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